FoodBall Mixes Sport, Races And Food On Nintendo Switch In 2020

FoodBall Logo

Gaming Factory and Cat-astrophe Games have revealed that FoodBall is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Their game promises “a unique combination of sports, races and food,” swapping the football with a tomato and seeing players compete in food trucks.

The Story Mode stars eight food truck owners who want to revolutionise the culinary world.

Each cook has their own eccentric machine, recipes, and skills, and you will also be able to compete against friends and family in local multiplayer.

“The game we are creating may at first glance be associated with Rocket League. However, we propose a different approach to the subject,” explains Cat-astrophe Games CEO Paweł Wojciechowicz.

“FoodBall will offer an extensive story mode with comic-book inserts and each of the characters will have its own history and unique skills that will have a significant impact on the gameplay.

“We attach special importance to local multiplayer modes (competition and cooperation) and good fun before one console/PC is one of our main objectives.”

Gaming Factory CEO Mateusz Adamkiewicz adds: “Cat-astrophe Games studio is preparing a game that is the ideal proposition for those who like to have fun with family or friends in front of one console or computer.

“At the same time, however, players who prefer to play alone can also find many attractions. The mechanics itself will be based on the principle ‘Easy to play, hard to master.'”

FoodBall will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide Q3 2020.

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