Food-Fighting Shooter RAWMEN Coming To Nintendo Switch


tinyBuild and ANIMAL have announced that their lighthearted, third-person multiplayer battler RAWMEN will release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

You will have the chance to wield a “radical culinary arsenal,” whether that be whacking others with mackerel, destroying them with dumplings, setting up a soup-spitting goose or summoning a sausage-shooting minigun.

Whether leaping straight into Quickplay or battling it out in a RAWMEN Tournament to compete for the Grand Prize. Come out on top to win and you can either choose to split the prize equally among your team, or turn your friends into foes in an instant Sudden Death round to determine who will receive everything.

The game has looked to add “a chaotic splash of secret sauce” to game modes that will be familiar to most:

  • Broth Battle: Food fight to the death.
  • Meatball: Become one with the very juicy important meatball and steer it to the goal. Get that meat juice while fending off others.
  • Claim Chowder: Snag the soup by getting in the zone and defending the coveted chowder pot.
  • Top RAWMEN: Use donut bombs and flatulence to collect Bouillon cubes in this king of the hill mode.

RAWMEN will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2022.

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