FMV Thriller Gamer Girl Coming To Nintendo Switch This September

Gamer Girl Logo

Wales Interactive and FMV Future have revealed that Gamer Girl will release on Nintendo Switch this September.

This upcoming multi-branching FMV game is set in the world of online streaming, placing you in the role of a moderator for the streamer Abicake99 who is back online after her friend Becky mysteriously disappears.

From the writer and director behind The Bunker, Gamer Girl stars Alexandra Burton as Abi alongside David Wayman, Rebecca Calienda and Sofia Maffei.

This is the first live-action game to have been “entirely improvised by the cast,” who reacted to pre-scripted stream text as well as live chat that was written during film takes by the game’s scriptwriter.

Your role is to analyse and react to a constant stream of chat comments while texting Abi to guide her to make the right choices, as you work to uncover the threat that she faces from an anonymous predator who hides in her stream’s chat.

You will be able to warn, ban or reward users for their comments in the chat stream, with the chance to unlock more powerful moderator abilities as you progress. You will help to keep Abicake99’s mood positive through earning Candies, likes and new subscribers, helping her to make the channel a success. However, if you fail, Abi will kick you off the stream and it’s Game Over.

Gamer Girl will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in September 2020.

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