Flutter Wings and Mega Eggdozers revealed for Yoshi’s New Island


Nintendo have further discussed Yoshi’s New Island, the anticipated return of their adventurous green dinosaur that has been overseen by the original game’s creative director, Takashi Tezuka.

A new addition are enormous eggs called Mega Eggdozers which Yoshi can make airborne by throwing to destroy his surrounding environment, whereas Metal Eggdozers can be rolled along the ground and allow Yoshi to travel underwater.

Yoshi also receives the ability to transform, seeing players use the 3DS’s gyro controls to control either Submarine Yoshi or the rock-breaking Jackhammer Yoshi. You can acquire a special star that will allow you to turn into Super Yoshi too, allowing you tun run along walls and ceilings with ease, and fly through the sky like a shooting star.

Lastly, there are new Flutter Wings which will aid players struggling within certain sections of the game. These allow you to fly through the air, bypassing enemies and hazards as they pass below you.

Yoshi’s New Island releases across Europe on March 14th

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