Flounder Heights added to Splatoon’s map rotation

flounder heights splatoon

Nintendo has announced that Flounder Heights will shortly join Splatoon’s map rotation this week.

This will become available in North America from 7pm PT tonight, whereas those in Europe will be able to splat across the new turf from 3am BST (4am CEST).

“Try as you might, you can’t ignore the apartment building in the middle of the map,” the Squid Research Lab writes. “It stands like a gigantic wall, looming over the battlefield like an ominous, erm, an ominous… apartment building, I guess.

“Will you make your stand in a hail of ink on the rooftop? Will you try and sneak your way through the middle? Whatever your strategy, there’s no getting into enemy turf without getting past this monolith.”

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