Flip, Trick, And Roll In Urban Trial Playground On Nintendo Switch

Urban Trial Playground Artwork

Tate Multimedia has announced that Urban Trial Playground will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch, seeing the stunt bike racing series move the action from city streets to the sunny and colourful beaches of California.

Against a sun-soaked background that will see you flip, trick, and roll over palm trees and golden sands dunes, with the game introducing independent front and rear brake controls.

With every surface able to be used to perform tricks on, you can pull off stoppies and front flips – sliding into huge skid burns on the track to rack up longer combos.

There are five customisable bikes that you can tinker with, whether that be their look or the engine, brakes, and vital parts to impact how the bike controls.

Freestyle and Time Trial modes will see you compete for the highest scores on the online leaderboards, while Ghost mode will see you practise against your best runs to beat them with crazier tricks.

While couch-based competitive modes will let two players race against one another in Time Trial or Tag modes in local multiplayer.

“Our work with Nintendo in previous years has been incredibly successful, and we are very excited to continue creating new Urban Trial games as exclusives for their platforms,” shares Tate Multimedia producer Joseph Debecki. “With the massive success of Nintendo Switch at launch, we saw an opportunity to connect with a new, thriving and passionate community we simply couldn’t miss.”

Urban Trial Playground will release exclusively on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on April 5th.

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