Fix The Past In Eternal Threads On Nintendo Switch

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Secret Mode and Cosmonaut Studios have confirmed that Eternal Threads will release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

This is pitched as “a non-linear, sandbox narrative puzzle-adventure about the consequences of time manipulation,” that you experience through the eyes of Operator 43 – a recently qualified time-travelling operative working for the Second Chance Project.

Sent to the North of England in May 2015 where six people died in a house fire, you must manipulate the decisions that they made to help them to survive – as, due to repercussions in the future of the timeline, you are prohibited from directly stopping the fire.

Watching and altering significant events from the entires week as many times as you need to and in whichever order you wish, some decisions have a minor effect on the timeline – such as moving objects around the house – whereas major changes rewrite it completely to change existing events, add new ones or even replacing them entirely.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • A first-person game, set in a realistic and atmospheric location with rich and immersive audio.
  • A new and clever time-manipulation mechanic at its core, offering a completely fresh, non-linear, puzzle/narrative game experience.
  • Use the Visualiser device to watch past events in their ghostly form, with the smoke and fire damaged house a constant reminder of what is to come.
  • Just like a Rubik’s cube, the game becomes more difficult the closer you get to a solution – saving one housemate may cause others to die.
  • Investigate the housemate’s relationships and secrets to allow for more informed decision choices to be made.
  • Discover information about the past events to gain access to locked and hidden areas within the house.
  • As you manipulate the past, the environment around you can change as the butterfly effect travels forward in time to affect the future.
  • Explore the house and find personal possessions, letters and phone messages to give you more insight into their lives.

Eternal Threads will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide later this year.

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