Five Things We Want From Nintendo Switch


We’ve already covered everything we know about the Nintendo Switch so far, but there’s still so much that remains a mystery. Unfortunately, many of our questions are unlikely to be answered until January at the earliest.

In the meantime, we’ve had a think about the top five things we’d like to see from the Switch when it’s released. Let’s take a look.

A decent battery life

One of the biggest appeals of the Switch is its portability – the console can be removed from the dock and taken anywhere. Understandably, though, many gamers are worried the battery life won’t be fantastic, and it’s possible Nintendo has hinted this already by making it clear the Switch is a home console first and foremost.

We can only hope our fears are unfounded; otherwise, taking the console to a mate’s without the dock is just not going to be possible.


New and exciting games (as well as some old favourites)

Don’t get us wrong, we’re incredibly excited at the prospect of getting to play a brand new Mario Kart, and the Legend of Zelda game looks incredible too, but it would be great to see some games as innovative as the console itself. Almost 50 third-party publishers and developers have already announced they are producing games for the Switch, including the likes of Ubisoft, Bethesda and Capcom, so hopefully we can expect some interesting new titles and not just remasters at launch.

We’re looking forward to new single-player experiences, but a variety of multiplayer games is needed too to take advantage of the consoles’ two detachable controllers.


PlayStation, Xbox and Steam have had their own achievement systems in place for quite some time and for many of us, they serve as a good motivation to finish a game to completion. How else can we brag about our gaming achievements without having a virtual gold trophy to show for it?

Jokes aside, it’s a feature that’s been requested by Nintendo fans for a long time. It would really enhance the console’s social community and add yet another competitive element to Nintendo gaming. The ability to share videos and images of your achievements would also not go amiss.

Online gaming, done right

Nintendo has long been the most family-friendly console on the market and while this approach has resulted in some amazing and charming games, it’s also caused some annoying restrictions. Most notably, Nintendo’s online service has suffered – even the Wii U couldn’t create online features that matched those of PlayStation’s and Xbox’s.

Playing and chatting with friends online is a basic feature that the Switch needs to nail if it wants to be a modern console. A restrictive online service is not good enough anymore, and as long as the right parental controls are in place, there’s no need for Nintendo to lose its family-friendly image as a result.


More colours and designs

So far, it looks like Nintendo is staying away from the bright white this time, opting for a more mature grey and black design for the Switch. The practical colours do mean that it will match almost every other device connected to your TV, but we’re hoping Nintendo has got some more funky designs in the pipeline.

Reddit user Dead_Giveaway worked their Photoshop magic to show us what a more colourful Switch could look like, and boy do they look beautiful. Let us have a GameCube-purple edition pretty please, Nintendo!

Did we miss anything off of this list? Let us know what you would like to see from the Switch in the comments below.

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  1. New and exciting games, yes, this is long overdue. I would love to see some new characters with interesting stories. There is no denying the selling power of Mario and friends. But maybe Nintendo could add some diversity to its protagonists?

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