First4Figures reveal latest addition to Twilight Princess “Master Arts” range; Wolf Link and Midna


First4Figures have today revealed the latest addition to their Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess range of 1/4 scale “Master Arts” Center pieces, providing fans with the opportunity to snap up and incredibly detailed model based upon iconic duo Wolf Link and Midna.

The company has reportedly been working on their latest product for around a year now, and are incredibly pleased with how they’ve turned out, which, as we’re sure you’ll agree, is particularly impressive.

To be available within Q2 2011, the center piece is now available for pre-order within two versions each carrying a hefty price tag. Whereas the Standard version is priced at $329.99 and limited to 750 pieces available worldwide, an Exclusive version, priced slightly higher at $349.99 and limited to 350 pieces worldwide, on which Midna’s hair lights up accurately portraying her power. You can catch an image of the latter below:

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