First three Goldeneye 007 cheat codes revealed


Goldeneye 64 was renowned for its array of fun-filled cheats, and Eurocom’s recent re-imagining of the title is no different. Whilst the full list remains hidden, a Kotaku reader has discovered three allowing you to unlock Tag and Invisibility modes for Multiplayer split-screen alongside the infamous Big Head mode that adds a little hilarity to the mix.

Full details are as follows:

NotIt!!!11 – Unlocks Tag in Multiplayer Split-Screen (see under Modifiers. Requires three or more players.)

Inv1s1bleEv3ryth1ng – Unlocks Invisibility Mode in Multiplayer Split-Screen (also under Modifiers. Invisibility replaces the ability to sprint, and is activated by holding B),

<477myfr13nds4r3sp13s> – Activates Big Head Mode in Local Multiplayer. There is no toggle in the local multiplayer modifiers, the only way to switch it off is to reset the defaults; the only way to switch it on is to re-enter the code.

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