First ‘Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy’ details, screenshots and character art

Theatrhythm FinalFantasy 8

Square Enix have released further details, character art and screenshots regarding their newly announced Nintendo 3DS title, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy.

We’ve now learnt the Prologue storyline for the title! The space between the gods Chaos and Cosmos is known as “Rhythm” which gives birth to the crystal which controls music and fills the world with sound.

Of course, things are never simple, and the forces of chaos have disrupted the peace causing the crystal to lose its shine. In order to restore it, “Rizpo” must be increased and the warriors, guided by the crystal, must therefore begin their musical journey.

In terms of gameplay, Square Enix have explained that you will be a title, spanning Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy XIII. Each will have three stages: “field,” “battle” and “event,” with each employing different gameplay systems.

You’ll play as a party of four characters, with key characters from core entries in the franchise making an appearance in a deformed visual style (see screenshots below). Character growth and collection aspects also feature, with characters able to level up following the completion of a stage. On the collection side of things you’ll be able to gather music and movie scenes.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy will include a number of familiar tracks that have been remixed into entirely new styles. Examples include Clash on the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy V), One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII), At Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X) and The Sunleth Waterscape (Final Fantasy XIII).

You can also catch an example of one of the remixed Final Fantasy tracks on the newly opened Japanese teaser website.

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