First official details for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, no Wii release

Whilst earlier saw a frenzy of leaked information regarding the next highly anticipated instalment within the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, we now have the first official details.

Having released the first teaser trailer, Activision have followed suit in opening an official Facebook fan page for the title in which a number of firm details are now revealed – one of which is sure to be a disappointment to Wii owners who previously enjoyed Call of Duty: Black Ops last year.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will officially release on November 8th, and is currently being developed by both Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. As for platforms, it’s due to hit Xbox 360, PS3 and PC with no Nintendo platforms in sight!

As to whether there is a separate Call of Duty entry being released for either Wii or Nintendo DS, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Mobilized, remains to be seen, although for now it doesn’t look particularly likely. With the Wii now approaching an install base of 90 million, and the Nintendo DS having surpassed 144 million, it would seem silly to disregard such a large market. Maybe there’s something waiting in the wings for E3, or perhaps it’ll even release for Project Café?

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  1. The Wii has an install base of 90 million consoles. All my friends have Wiis, but they basically sit there unless we want to play some Brawl or Mario Party whilst we’re drunk off our asses. My guess is that we’ve got about 5 [to maybe 10] million playing the Wii every day instead of a 360 or PS3, where you have more of the 25-35 million players playing every day. Nintendo really needs Project Cafe so it can really stick sales figures to more than just a console, and convince gaming studios to utilize the mechanics it provides. I own a Wii myself, but I have yet to purchase any games that weren’t published by Nintendo on the platform. Not that I wasn’t convinced by Black Ops on Wii or the Conduit, not that either of them weren’t fun, they just weren’t good enough in terms of the standards of modern day gaming, especially when I have a PS3, 360 and a gaming PC. They were good rents though. I also rented (and didn’t purchase) KZ 2 and 3, because it just kind of felt like the conduit. Good graphics, but the game felt like a regular ol’ FPS with a lacking story.

    1. Completely agree, but Nintendo never aim to directly compete with their consoles, but to innovate to expand their appeal to a broader audience – something that I’m sure you’ll agree that they easily achieved with the Wii.

      Whilst I wished that the Wii had been high-definition from the start, it’d only be for the reason that the system would’ve enjoyed being on an even field with third-party support without the need for developers to specifically tailor titles for the platform specifically. I think it’s especially disappointing to long-term Nintendo fans that they have had to turn to other consoles for key titles, and even yesterday brought news that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 wouldn’t be receiving a Wii version either.

      My biggest hopes lie with Project Café – that the system will at least be on par to receive the same level and quality of third-party support as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, my only worry is that Nintendo have a lot of ground to cover in regards to building an online multiplayer community for their home consoles and there is a lot of ground to cover… 🙁

      In any case, roll on E3 – let’s hope Nintendo knock it out the park!

  2. I cant believe they might not make the game for the Wii since it probably the most owned gaming system and it will totally damage their prices in the game. I think this is messed up. you people better make the game for the Wii or else!!!!!!

  3. It will probably end up on the Cafe’ (also codenamed as the Nintendo Stream)
    i own a wii and i think that mw3 for wii would be cool. theres actually ALOT more wii players than people think as well as good players. codbo has alot of good players and the games difficulty is not different between 360/Ps3 v.s. wii. the wii is just as hard. you have your quickscopers all the same. Famas is top weapon. theres a gamebattles. theres pro players. everythings the same and its actually identical to the 360/PS3 versions. with voice chat,text messages,the ability to add people. the only things missing is the map Havannah was cut short and all the customize stuff is gone. but hey im glad that i dont get killed buy a guy with a picture of a penis on the side of his gun…That and why not release it for wii? only gives you more money. if you make voice chat better. graphics can stay the way they are i guess…most wii players dont give a crap about graphics thus they bought a wii. make hit detection. take out drag knives. improve servers. make a sniper rifle thats good to use. but not like the intervention and l96a1. Make some perks and weapons that wont make people do things like one man army noobtubes. (actually take noobtubes out all together…which iw wont because there all campers/noobtubers) but i think releasing it on wii and “cafe’/stream” lol and i think they should put Halo on Cafe’ (since bungie is done with the halo series) and if they did put halo on wii Conduit 3 would be dead on arrival (if the game is good)

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