First details emerge for Bravely Second

Whilst Bravely Default only just saw a release across Europe last week, Square Enix have already begun to spill the beans on the JRPG’s sequel, Bravely Second.

With a teaser website now live, Square Enix have confirmed that the 3DS exclusive will be part of the publisher’s Jump Festa line-up later this month.

We can thank weekly Japanese magazine Shonen Jump for early details regarding the game’s storyline and central character though, which will prove of interest. The sequel is set in the Luxendarc, the same world as that of Bravely Default although several years after that game’s events.

Players will find themselves in the Magic University Town, Istantari, which is where scholars and students gather to discuss intellectual topics that aid their continual study of magic. The professors’ efforts have lead to a new structure of magic being developed, which is different from its traditional understanding.

The female character which you see on the teaser website is Magnolia Arch, described as a “Devil Buster who came from the moon.” Her age is unknown, is believed to be the last survivor of the moon nation, and behaves with a rather daredevil attitude.

Bravely Second releases across Japan in 2014.

[Thanks Gematsu]

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