First Class Trouble Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2021

First Class Trouble Artwork

Invisible Walls has announced that First Class Trouble is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This asymmetrical cooperative survival third-person multiplayer game is set aboard a luxury space cruise-liner that has experienced severe technical difficulties.

The AI and on-board robotic servants have rebelled, determined to kill every last human that they can find. Most were killed when the air supply was turned off, but a lucky few have survived thanks to the Oxygen Rebreathers that they used.

The last remaining survivors must now work together to reset the AI in an effort to revert it back to a non-homicidal state. That won’t be easy, as you will need to overcome the robot servants while some robots are disguised as survivors – it will be up to you to work out who they are.

First Class Trouble will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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