Fire Sentinel Ember Revealed For Skylanders Imaginators


Skylanders Sensei Ember has been announced for Skylanders Imaginators, starting new character reveals for the new toys-to-life iteration to coincide with E3 2016.

Once raised inside the Dragonfire Dojo, Ember is a Fire Sentinel skilled in the art of Dual-Blades. She can call on have Sword Slash, Volcano Summon and Meteor Strike attacks to topple her enemies, which you can see in action in her character trailer.

Ember’s character biography is outlined below:

Ember was raised inside the Dragonfire Dojo, having come from a long line of Fire Sentinels that were skilled in the art of Dual-Blades. It was the dream of her father that Ember would follow their tradition and take over the family training facility, and so she practiced every day. She was naturally gifted, and soon even the greatest Dual-Blade Masters were no match for Ember.

When Kaos heard of this, he took over her village and banned martial arts entirely, for fear of an uprising. But Ember fought back, unleashing an impressive barrage of Samurai pyrotechnics that drove the invaders away. Even though her village was free, she knew then that there was greater evil out there that needed to be stopped, and so she joined the Skylanders to train others in the art of the Sentinel Battle Class. One day though, Ember plans to return to her homeland and reopen her family’s school, but not until Skylands is safe once and for all.

The Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack is now available to pre-order, and includes Master King Pen, Golden Queen, a Creation Crystal, a Portal of Power and a copy of the game.

Skylanders Imaginators will launch on Wii U in Europe on October 14th and North America on October 16th.


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