Fire Emblem Warriors Guide: Master Seals, Surge Crests And Class Change


The Master Seal has long played a prominent role in the Fire Emblem series, and in Fire Emblem Warriors that is no different. The item, which is used to promote units to a higher class, and, therefore, improve their combat prowess on the battlefield, is a steady reward that players will receive as they mercilessly cut down legions of soldiers.


How To Get Master Seals In Fire Emblem Warriors

Master Seals are a steady reward that you will receive as you complete scenarios in both Story Mode and History Mode. For the most part, they are acquired as you bring the opposing commander to their knees, but they may be found in Treasure Chests – instances where the player must hunt down a Thief when prompted (indicated by a key symbol on the minimap) before making their way to the chest to unlock it.

There are a limited number of Master Seals available, meaning that they are extremely valuable. That makes it worth collecting them all, and, in Story Mode, the game helps by indicating whether a particular chapter has a Master Seal and whether the player has already obtained it. Once they are recovered, then you can put them to use…


How To Use Master Seals In Fire Emblem Warriors

Master Seals are then used in the Crest Market, where, once any character reaches Level 15, the player can choose to create a Surge Crest that is required to advance them to their next class. As Master Seals are a relatively limited item, it’s important to do this with the characters that you enjoy playing as more regularly first.

The Surge Crest is the top selection in the Boost Crests section in the Crest Market, if you are having trouble spotting it. And, if a character that you want to promote hasn’t reached Level 15, remember that you can spend gold in the Training Ground to boost them.


How To Class Change In Fire Emblem Warriors

Once you have chosen which character you would like to promote to an advanced class, create the Surge Crest. This will promote the character with a Class Change – seeing a Lord become a Great Lord or an Archer become a Sniper, for example.

After the animation plays, the benefits to this are immediately clear. The character not only receives a significant boost across each of their stats – whether that be HP, Strength, Magic, Skill, Special, Luck, Defense, or Resistance – but also immediately unlocks a new costume for their wardrobe. Their costume can be changed in the Convoy menu if you want to switch back to what they were originally wearing.

It’s worth remembering that whether you play as these characters or not, their class change will still apply if they appear on the battlefield as a support character.

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