Fire Emblem: Three Houses New Game Plus Guide: How To Unlock It And What To Expect

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After conquering Fire Emblem: Three Houses for the first time and watching the credits roll, your strategic efforts will be rewarded with unlocking New Game Plus. Thanks to having to choose between the three noble houses, experiencing the other two that you turned down will lend a new perspective to the events that you witness unfold – as well as the critical decisions that also further determine branching paths that you can take.

Given that Intelligent Systems has estimated that the Nintendo Switch exclusive will take up to 80 hours to complete, the New Game Plus mode, in short, is presented as a chance to help make your next playthrough much easier.

After the game’s conclusion, you will be asked to save your cleared game data. And then, whenever you choose to start a New Game from the title screen, you will have the opportunity to use this with your new save file.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses New Game Plus Bonuses

You will still have the same starting choices, whether that be selecting Normal or Hard difficulty, Casual or Classic, or whether Byleth has a male or female form. But, the difference is that you will carry across your renown, hired battalions, shop and Saint Statue levels from your previous playthrough.

For those that have not yet earned renown in-game, it is used to restore the Saint Statues in Garreg Mach Monastery’s Cathedral, which, in turn, can boost particular skills or the experience that your characters earn, for example. It’s clearly beneficial to see your students levelling up far more quickly right from the start of the game.

However, in New Game Plus you will also have the chance to spend renown when accessing a journal in Byleth’s Personal Quarters. For instance, this can be used to improve your professor level, support levels, or to master class skills, as well as to unlock Crest items.

There is also a Unit Appearance option in the journal that you can use to change your students’ appearance, whether that see them wear their Officer Academy uniforms or war attire.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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