Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide: Ghost, Demon Or Mortal And Your Birthday

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Ghost, Demon Or Mortal Screenshot

“I’m a ghost. I’m a demon. I’m a mortal.’ After watching the opening cutscene to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you will meet a mysterious green-haired girl called Sothis within your dreams.

Rudely interrupting her “moment of repose,” she will ask who you are. Your three options are a ghost, demon, or mortal, and, understandably, many have been left wondering whether a choice so early on in the turn-based tactical role-playing game has any lasting impact. Well, it doesn’t.

If you select ghost or demon, Sothis will see through your lies – warning you not to attempt to deceive her, as well as asking that you keep your wit in line.

The only choice that doesn’t aggravate her is answering that you are a mortal, to which she responds: “I see. Then you must have a name of sorts. Go on.”

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Birthday Choice

After telling Sothis your name, she will remark that she’ll never grow accustomed to the sound of human names before moving on to ask you when your birthday is.

“Beneath which moon and on what day were you born to this world?” she will ask, to which, again, your response will make no immediate difference.

However, as the months roll by and it comes up on the calendar, your chosen house leader will present you with a stat-boosting item. Therefore, if you want to receive that gift as soon as possible, we’d suggest making sure that Byleth’s birthday is in Month 5 (Harpstring Moon).

It’s worth mentioning that, whatever your choice, Sothis will always reveal that you share the same day of birth.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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