Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fishing And Bait Guide

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fishing Screenshot

Whenever you choose to spend your free time exploring Garreg Mach Monastery in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you will have the chance to head to the Fishing Pond.

After speaking to the Fishkeeper, you will be asked whether you would like to fish in the pond. Respond with yes, and you will see Byleth, fishing rod in hand, ready to cast off with some bait and attempt to catch fish.

Fishing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is easy for the most part. You choose which bait you want to use, soon after which different silhouetted fish – colored blue, red, purple, or gold – will nibble on it

You will need to press the A Button once you see a fish that you would like to catch. After which, you will start a minigame of sorts in which you will need to press the same button when the on-screen circles overlap. Your accuracy will reduce the stamina of the hooked fish, and, once depleted, you will succeed in catching it.

It’s not entirely simple, though. Wait too long to select a silhouetted fish that appears and your bait will be stolen. And then, if you make too many mistakes when trying to catch one, your fishing line will break and the fish will escape.

You will want to score repeated ‘Excellent’ timings to not only create a combo that reduces the fish’s stamina more quickly but, as a result, you will catch a more valuable fish than normal.

It’s worth pointing out that as your Professor Level increases, the durability of your fishing line will improve.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Bait Screenshot

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Bait Guide

Whenever you choose to explore Garreg Mach Monastery week-on-week or month-on-month, there’s a chance that you will discover fishing bait as you wander the building’s labyrinthine grounds – appearing as blue plumes of light, just like other items.

The fishing minigame is the fun part, but, you may soon find that you run out of enough bait to carry on. To make building a collection of bait easier, you will want to wait until Part 1 – Month 8: Verdant Rain Moon.

In this month, you will be asked to complete the Clearing The Way quest. Completing this will result in the Eastern Merchant arriving at Garreg Mach Monastery to sell his wares in the Marketplace.

That includes the five types of bait that are available in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which are:

  • Insect Larva (One-Star Quality): All-purpose bait that often attracts everyday fish.
  • Pond Snail (Two-Star Quality): Freshwater snail that occasionally attracts uncommon fish.
  • Earthworm (Three-Star Quality): A wriggling bait, optimal for catching uncommon fish.
  • Blowfly (Four-Star Quality): A favorable bait that is optimal for hooking extremely rare fish.
  • Herring Bait (Five-Star Quality): Live small fish bait that attracts extremely rare fish.

It won’t come as a particular surprise, but the higher-quality bait will attract fish that require faster reflexes to catch.

There’s a limited amount of stock available each month, but it’s worth buying them all – as you can make a greater profit from selling the fish that you catch. Which, in turn, is good advice for those looking to earn more gold to spend on weapons, armor, and other items.

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