Fire Emblem: Three Houses Faculty Training Guide

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Faculty Training Screenshot

In your time at Garreg Mach Monastery you will have the chance to learn from the other professors that teach at the Officers Academy.

This is referred to as Faculty Training in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, looking to the knights and professors in the monastery to boost Byleth’s skill levels.

That’s because you’re unable to build your skill levels through Instruction in the same way as your students, turning to other characters for guidance.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Faculty Training

Whenever you want to receive Faculty Training while exploring Garreg Mach Monastery in your free time, the knights and professors not only offer different expertise but asking them to impart their knowledge will require an Activity Point.

Improving your skill level(s) is not the only benefit from your interaction, though, as you will also earn support points with the character that trains you – helping to increase support levels and unlock new support conversations.

The knights and professors that can help Byleth to improve his (or her) skill levels are:

  • Alois: Axe, Brawl, and Heavy Armor
  • Catherine: Brawl and Sword (from Part 1 – Month 7: Blue Sea Moon)
  • Gilbert: Axe, Heavy Armor, Lance, and Riding (from Part 1 – Month 8: Verdant Rain Moon)
  • Hanneman: Bow, Reason, and Riding
  • Jeralt: Authority, Lance, and Riding
  • Manuela: Faith, Flying, and Sword
  • Rhea: Brawl, Faith, Reason, and Sword
  • Seteth: Authority, Axe, Flying, Lance, and Sword
  • Shamir: Bow and Lance (from Part 1 – Month 9: Horsebow Moon)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Advanced Drills

As you continue to make progress in the story, you will reach a point where Faculty Training will be replaced with Advanced Drills.

This is after the timeskip has happened, at which point you will be able to learn from your students. It’s important to point out that the Advanced Drill option can be used to learn from any character that has a higher skill level than your own.

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