Fire Emblem Heroes Update Version 1.7.0 Introduces Ally Support


Nintendo has released a minor update to Fire Emblem Heroes, seeing the mobile strategy game now sat on version 1.7.0.

This introduces the chance for players to deepen the bonds between their heroes with a new Ally Support mechanic, that can be built when battling enemies that are level 35 or higher.

When two Heroes that support each other are nearby one another in battle, they will receive a stat boost relating to their Support Rank and whether they are adjacent or one space away from each other.

There’s also Summoner Support that works similarly, although such bond can only be created with one hero.

Changes Made In Fire Emblem Heroes Update Version 1.7.0

  • New Support gameplay feature added.
  • Added a way to view team names when selecting teams.
  • Added an option to search for Heroes by skill within Inherit Skill menu.
  • In Arena Assault, you now can get a score for defending, just like in the normal Arena. This change will be reflected for the season beginning 12th September 2017.
  • In the frame at the top of the screen when selecting a unit, the number of the unit is now displayed. Tap the number to display the unit name.
  • Added new options to the Settings menu (Map: No Animation and Auto: No Animation).
  • Bug fixes.
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