Fire Emblem Heroes Update Version 1.3.0 Now Available


Nintendo has released a software update for Fire Emblem Heroes, their background tinkering seeing the strategy game now sat at version 1.3.0.

This revises the rules for the Arena to make it easier to battle players and receive rewards, with the Voting Gauntlet tweaked so that weaker armies will receive a limited-time boost. The levels of enemies that appear in the Eighth and Ninth Strata of the Training Tower have been adjusted, gameplay tips will now appear on the game’s loading screen, and units can now be sorted by Hero Merit and SP.

Then, there are bug fixes that address when an exclamation mark wouldn’t appear in Special Maps or an event to notify players that there are maps left to be cleared.

Changes Made In Fire Emblem Heroes Update Version 1.3.0

Changes made to the tier system in the Arena.
Added additional maps for the Arena.
Adjusted the difficulty within the Training Tower.
Added Gameplay Tips.
More Organisational Options.
Bug fixes.

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