Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Pass Pricing And Five Benefits Revealed

Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Pass Logo

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have revealed the Feh Pass for Fire Emblem Heroes on mobile.

This monthly subscription-based service rewards subscribers with five “special” benefits. The Feh Pass will be priced at £9.99 (GBP), $9.49 (USD), €11.49 (EUR), or $15.49 (AUD) per month.

You will be able to subscribe to the Feh Pass after update version 4.2 is released on 5th February 2020.

Unlock Resplendent Heroes

The first benefit is the chance to unlock Resplendent Heroes, which are characters that are dressed in “resplendent Attire” from Askr, Nifl and other regions from the world of Fire Emblem Heroes.

Those that subscribe will receive two Resplendent Heroes per month, and these characters not only have brand new visuals and voices but receive +2 to all stats.

Resplendent Lyn: Lady of the Plains (11.00pm PT on 5th February – 10.59pm PT on 24th February 2020) and Resplendent Cordelia: Knight Paragon (11.00pm PT on 24th February – 11.59pm PT on 9th March 2020) will be the first two characters to be distributed.

Although, those with an active Feh Pass subscription can purchase individual Resplendent Heroes not in their possession after the distribution period has passed.

From March, a Resplendent Hero will be distributed on the 10th and 25th in every month.

Special Feh Pass Quests

The special Feh Pass quests will reward you with valuable items such as Orbs or Heroic Grails in exchange for completing tasks and will be made available twice every month alongside the Resplendent Heroes.

Expanded Summoner Support

You will be able to form Summoner Support bonds with up to three Heroes instead of just one.


If your Heroes have yet to act, you will be able to return to the start of your previous turn. However, if a Hero has already acted, you will be returned to the start of your current turn. Re-Act can be used as many times as you like in battle, even if you get a Game Over. However, Re-Act cannot be used in the Coliseum or Aether Raids.


As long as you have Stamina remaining, you will be able to automatically replay a Map until your Stamina runs out. It can be used in the Training Tower, Tempest Trials+, and Forging Bonds. In Tempest Trials+, Auto-Start will automatically switch teams.
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