Fire Emblem Engage Stats Explained

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Wondering what Bld means in Fire Emblem Engage? How about Avo? We’re here to help explain what each stat in the long-running tactical role-playing series means and what impact they have on your units.

As with any RPG, a unit’s stats are used to determine anything from how much damage they deal with the weapon that they wield to the chances that they can avoid a critical hit.

These stats can be impacted – positively or negatively – by anything from their Base Class or Advanced Class to the Emblem Ring or Bond Ring that they wear on their finger. You will want to take everything into consideration as you look to strengthen your units to deal with everything that your enemies have to throw at you.

List of Basic and Combat Stats in Fire Emblem Engage

Stat NameStat MeaningStat Description
MovMovementDetermines how many spaces a unit can move.
HPOverall health The unit is defeated if this reaches 0.
BldBuildPrevents heavy weapons from slowing attack speed.
SPSkill PointsUsed to inherit skills from Emblems.
Ph AtkPhysical AttackThe unit’s attack power using a physical weapon.
HitHit RateDetermines the odds of landing an attack.
AvoAvoid RateDetermines the odds of evading an attack.
CritCritical RateDetermines the odds of landing a critical hit (triple damage).
DdgDodgeDetermines the odds of avoiding a critical hit.
StrStrengthAffects damage the unit deals with physical attacks.
MagMagicAffects damage the unit deals with magical attacks.
DexDexterityDetermines hit rate and frequency of critical hits.
SpdSpeedContributes to Avoid Rate. If greater than or equal to foe’s Speed+5, unit strikes twice.
DefDefenseReduces damage from physical attacks.
ResResistanceReduces damage from magical attacks.
LckLuckHas various effects, including lowering risk of enemy criticals.
RatingRatingThe sum of the unit’s key stats.

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Fire Emblem Engage is now available at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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