Fire Emblem Engage Pre-Order Bonus Hits My Nintendo Store

Fire Emblem Engage Logo

Nintendo UK has revealed a Fire Emblem Engage pre-order bonus for those that choose to buy the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive from the My Nintendo Store.

Those who pre-order Fire Emblem Engage (£49.99) will receive a free poster and pin, with existing pre-orders to be automatically upgraded to add the bonus item.

Long ago, four kingdoms worked together with heroes from other worlds to seal away the Fell Dragon. Now, one thousand years later, the seal has weakened and the Fell Dragon will soon reawaken.

As a Divine Dragon, you must “use rich strategies and robust customisation to meet your destiny,” collecting Emblem Rings to restore peace to the Continent of Elyos. This will let you team up with iconic heroes from the Fire Emblem series, using the power of the Emblem Rings to summon valiant heroes such as Marth and Celica. Your appearances will merge, but “Engaging” will also let you inherit their weapons, skills and more.

Fire Emblem Engage will release at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 20th January 2023.

There will also be a Fire Emblem Engage: Divine Edition, which will include a physical copy of the game, a SteelBook, art cards, an A1-sized poster and a softcover artbook called The Art of Fire Emblem Engage.

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