Fire Emblem Engage amiibo Rewards

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You can scan your amiibo to earn items and rewards in Fire Emblem Engage at the amiibo Gazebo. Every 24 hours you will have the chance to scan five amiibo, earning materials, ingredients

The more lucrative rewards are reserved for those that have Fire Emblem amiibo to scan, whether those figurines are part of the Fire Emblem or Super Smash Bros. series. Once scanned for the first time, these reward you with a Fashion Ticket and a Music Ticket which can be redeemed to unlock outfits and songs based on the Emblem Ring characters.

However, you will first need to recover the Emblem Ring for each respective character as part of your continued progression through the game’s storyline to gain access to their related outfit and song.

It’s worth us mentioning that the outfits cannot be worn by every character, with male and female Emblem character-inspired clothing only available for characters of their respective genders to wear.

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List of amiibo Reward Outfits in Fire Emblem Engage

OutfitDescriptionTicket Cost
Marth StyleBased on Marth, the Emblem of Beginnings. A hero among heroes.1 Fashion Ticket
Celica StyleBased on Celica, the Emblem of Echoes. The princess of a vibrant country.1 Fashion Ticket
Sigurd StyleBased on Sigurd, the Emblem of the Holy War. A noble knight with a mighty lineage.1 Fashion Ticket
Leif StyleBased on Leif, the Emblem of Genealogy. A brave prince in whose veins runs the blood of two crusaders.1 Fashion Ticket
Roy StyleBased on Roy, the Emblem of Binding. A brave and intelligent noble.1 Fashion Ticket
Lyn StyleBased on Lyn, the Emblem of Blazing. A virtuoso swordswoman from a nomadic tribe that lived in nature.1 Fashion Ticket
Eirika StyleBased on Eirika, the Emblem of the Sacred. A princess who takes up her sword for the sake of peace.1 Fashion Ticket
Ike StyleBased on Ike, the Emblem of Radiance. A famous mercenary leader with unparalleled skill in battle.1 Fashion Ticket
Micaiah StyleBased on Micaiah, the Emblem of Dawn. A priestess with mysterious powers.1 Fashion Ticket
Lucina StyleBased on Lucina, the Emblem of Awakening. A royal heir who knows anything can change and will not yield to despair.1 Fashion Ticket
Corrin StyleBased on Corrin, the Emblem of Fates. A royal whose blood is that of the First Dragons.1 Fashion Ticket
Byleth StyleBased on Byleth, the Emblem of the Academy. A mercenary who became a teacher.1 Fashion Ticket
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List of amiibo Reward Songs in Fire Emblem Engage

Song NameDescriptionTicket Cost
Trouble! (Marth)World of the Hero-King1 Music Ticket
With Mila’s Divine ProtectionWorld of the Caring Princess1 Music Ticket
End of the Holy WarWorld of the Holy Knight1 Music Ticket
Let’s Go, Leif!World of the Sage Lord1 Music Ticket
Beneath a New Light (Roy)World of the Young Lion1 Music Ticket
Wind across the PlainsWorld of the Lady of the Plains1 Music Ticket
The Final BattleWorld of the Azure Twins1 Music Ticket
The DevotedWorld of the Radiant Hero1 Music Ticket
Echoes of DaybreakWorld of the Dawn Maiden1 Music Ticket
Destiny (Ablaze)World of the Princess Exalt1 Music Ticket
End of All (Below)World of the Crux of Fate1 Music Ticket
Fódlan WindsWorld of the Instructor1 Music Ticket

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Fire Emblem Engage is now available at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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