Find Your Soulmate In Song Of Memories On Nintendo Switch


PQube has announced that Song of Memories will release on Nintendo Switch, a romantic visual novel with a dark and sinister underbelly.

With the chance to find your soulmate in this musical love story, you must prepare to fight for them even in the most testing of times. That’s because an apocalyptic virus has started to spread across the world, threatening to infect those closest to you.

You will be able to romance six girls and reshape the story around your chosen one true love, with your choices leading to one of many multiple endings.

With the tease that there is a deep, dark secret to uncover, fully animated characters will move and react to one another’s lines, which are all voiced by the original Japanese cast – with more than 40 hours of audio.

As an adventure that combines visual novels with rhythm-action and light role-playing systems, an original soundtrack that fills more than four audio CDs will see you jamming along with the game.

Song of Memories will release for Nintendo Switch across Europe and North America in 2018.

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