Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Switch File Size Confirmed After Digital Pre-orders Pushed Live

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age eShop Screenshot

Square Enix has announced that digital pre-orders for Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age are now live, revealing the file size for those planning to download the epic adventure on Nintendo Switch.

From the Nintendo eShop page, we can learn that those wanting to buy the game digitally on the portable home console will need to clear 12.6 GB. And, as a quick comparison, the file size on PlayStation 4 was 40.56 GB – meaning that it’s been squeezed down to nearly a quarter of its original size.

In Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, the kingdom of Dalmasca has become caught between the warring empires of Archadia and Rozarria, which leads to Princess Ashe, the lone heir to the Dalmascan throne, devoting her life to forming a resistance to liberate her homeland.

Ashe soon meets Vaan, a young thief who lost his family in the war and dreams of flying freely in the skies. These unlikely allies and their companions will set out on an adventure that will change the destiny of their nation.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on April 30th.

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