Final Fantasy X Celestial Weapons Guide: Weapon, Crest And Sigil Locations

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In Final Fantasy X, each character has their own Celestial Weapon. These are the best weapons to obtain and have long been a part of the series, although, until this adventure in the world of Spira, were otherwise known as Ultimate Weapons or Sealed Weapons.

The Celestial Mirror

Before you start collecting the Celestial Weapons in Final Fantasy X, you will first need to obtain the Celestial Mirror. First, you will need to visit the Remiem Temple to take part in a Chocobo race beneath the ancient structure. If you win, you will receive the Cloudy Mirror as a reward for your efforts.

After this, head to Macalania Woods where you will be able to turn the otherwise unassuming Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror.

Once you find the mother and child in the south part of the woods, they will explain that they are waiting for their husband (or father). Head east from here and then west to reach the campsite, where he is standing around. After talking to him, he will race back to his family.

However, after following him you will soon learn that their child has now gone missing. If you use the Save Sphere as a starting point, use the crystal path that leads north from Macalania Woods – Central. Here, you will find the young boy, and, after examining the large crystal nearby, the Cloudy Mirror will turn into the Celestial Mirror.

This part is necessary, as you will need to return to this place to release the power of each Celestial Weapon once you collect them and their respective crest and sigil.

Tidus’ Celestial Weapon: Caladbolg

The Caladbolg can be found in the north-western part of the Calm Lands. You will find a guard who is blocking access to a downward slope.

If you speak to the Chocobo Trainer and beat them at the Catcher Chocobo race, the guard will leave his post – present the chance for you to slip past him to examine the glyph there. If you have the Celestial Mirror, you will receive the Caladbolg.

Next, you will want to retrieve the Sun Crest. This is in the Zanarkand Dome, in a treasure chest that you will discover in the area where the Yunalesca battle took place.

And then you will need the Sun Sigil. For this, you will need to beat the Catcher Chocobo race in the north-western Calm Lands in under zero seconds. There are four training exercises that the Chocobo Trainer will challenge you with – the Catcher Chocobo session being the fourth.

Your goal is to finish the course in the shortest time. Three seconds will be deducted from your overall time for each balloon that you collect, but, if you hit any birds, you will receive a time penalty. Your success will largely be down to luck, but make sure to keep in front of the Chocobo Trainer to make sure that you can collect the most balloons.

Yuna’s Celestial Weapon: Nirvana

You will need to use a Capture weapon to catch one of each of the monsters in the Calm Lands. After that, the Monster Arena owner will reward you with a treasure chest that contains Nirvana.

Once obtained, you will then need to collect the Moon Crest which can be found in a treasure chest on Besaid Island – Beach. For the Moon Sigil, you will need all eight aeons. Travel to Remiem Temple and defeat Belgemine’s eight aeons to send her to the Farplane and receive your reward.

Auron’s Celestial Weapon: Masamune

You will first need to collect the Rusty Sword found in the Calm Lands – Gorge Bottom, east from the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Once retrieved, head to Lord Mi’ihen’s statue on the Mushroom Rock Road. After you examine it a glyph will appear, that, once examined again with the Celestial Mirror, will reward you with Masamune.

The Mars Crest can be found in a treasure chest on Mi’ihen Highroad – Oldroad, South.
Whereas the Mars Sigil is a reward for catching one of all fiends from 10 different areas for the Monster Arena.

Wakka’s Celestial Weapon: World Champion

Talk to the person behind the counter at the Cafe in Luca. If you have won more than 100 Blitzball matches or secured at least third place in the League or a Tournament, you will be handed World Champion.

The Jupiter Crest can be found in the Aurouchs’ Locker Room at Luca Stadium, inside one of the lockers. The Jupiter Sigil requires more time, patience, and effort. After Wakka has learned Attack Reels, Status Reels, and Aurochs Reels Overdrive techniques, the Jupiter Sigil will randomly appear the first prize in the Blitzball League.

Kimahri’s Celestial Weapon: Spirit Lance

There are three Cactuar stones in the Thunder Plains that, when examined, will result in a ghostly Cactuar appearing.

It can be found near the Save Sphere south from Thunder Plains – South, and, after following it to its destination, you will reach a small ruined tower to the east. Interact with the tower, and a treasure chest will appear that contains the Spirit Lance.

The Saturn Crest can be found in a treasure chest behind a pillar in Gagazet – Prominence, while the Saturn Sigil is in Macalania Woods and requires that you complete the Butterfly – which will start after you interact with a rainbow-colored butterfly in Macalania Woods – North.

Lulu’s Celestial Weapon: Onion Knight

After you have defeated Geosgaeno, dive between the southern pillars in Baaj Temple. You should find a hidden chest that contains the Onion Knight, as long as you have the Celestial Mirror in your possession.

You will need to head back to Guadosalam to return to the Farplane for the Venus Crest, which can be found in a treasure chest.

The challenge lies with the Venus Sigil, which requires that you successfully avoid 200 lightning strikes in a row on Thunder Plains. Return to the Travel Agency, and you can open a treasure chest to claim your reward.

Rikku’s Celestial Weapon: Godhand

Once on board the Airship, enter the password GODHAND to reach the destination that you need. Mushroom Rock. Here, you will find a treasure chest that contains Godhand.

The Mercury Crest can be found in an antlion pit in Sanubia Desert – West. After that, fly back to Bikanel and interact with the Cactuar stone south of the sandstorm. You will need to complete this side quest to calm the sandstorm, after which you can access a treasure chest that contains the Mercury Sigil.

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