Final Fantasy X Al Bhed Primer Guide: Locations For All Primers

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The Al Bhed Primers are a collectible item in Final Fantasy X, that, for those who are interested, will help you to decipher the language spoken by the Al Bhed.

Whenever you encounter the machina-wielding tribe of technologists as you journey around the world of Spira, their dialogue will appear jumbled. That is until you collect all of the Al Bhed Primers to learn their language.

Once you have collected all 26 Al Bhed Primers, Rin will reward you with 99 Underdog’s Secrets in the Airship corridor.

Final Fantasy X Al Bhed Primer Locations

Al Bhed Primer I: Al Bhed Salvage Ship
Al Bhed Primer I can be found lying on the ground next to the crane on the Al Bhed salvage ship, after Tidus has rescued and wakes up the deck.

Al Bhed Primer II: Besaid Village
The Al Bhed Primer II can be found inside the Crusaders Lodge in Besaid Village. It is blocked from view by an NPC, but can be found lying on the ground to the right of the desk.

Al Bhed Primer III: S.S. Liki – Power Room
Once you aboard the S.S. Liki sailing to Kilika, head below deck to the Power Room. Tidus will be surprised to encounter the Chocobo at work, and, after the conversation, walk towards the screen where you will soon see Al Bhed Primer III lying on the ground.

Al Bhed Primer IV: Kilika – Tavern
After Yuna has finished sending the souls to the Farplane, head into the Tavern where you will soon see Al Bhed Primer IV in on the bar.

Al Bhed Primer V: S.S. Winno – Bridge
After you set sail for Luca, run to the bridge of the S.S. Winno where you will find Al Bhed Primer V lying on a green rug.

Al Bhed Primer VI: Luca Stadium – Left Locker Hallway
There are two locker rooms at Luca Stadium. Wander into the one on the lefthand side, and you can boost your vocabulary with Al Bhed Primer VI – which is lying just out of sight behind an NPC’s foot.

Al Bhed Primer VII: Luca Theater – Lobby
Al Bhed Primer VII is also in Luca. If you make a brief visit to the Theatre you will find that it is sat on the ornate carpet in Reception.

Al Bhed Primer VIII: Mi’ihen Highroad – Rin’s Travel Agency
You won’t need to worry too much about Al Bhed Primer VIII, as Rin will hand you it as you continue to progress in the story.

Al Bhed Primer IX: Mi’ihen High Road – Path
After defeating the Chocobo Eater, head north from Rin’s Travel Agency. You should see Al Bhed Primer IX on the grass as the path bends, near to Maechen and Shelinda.

Al Bhed Primer X: Mushroom Rock Road – Precipice
Before you reach the elevator, there’s a western path that will lead you to Al Bhed Primer X – another tome that has been discarded on the ground.

Al Bhed Primer XI: Djose Highroad
As you walk along Djose Highroad, you can collect Al Bhed Primer XI from behind a rock near to when the camera changes perspective.

Al Bhed Primer XII: Moonflow – North Wharf
Once you reach the North Wharf, Al Bhed Primer XII can be found on top of the ramp to the right of the traveling merchant, O’aka.

Al Bhed Primer XIII: Guadosalam – House
Enter the House, where you will find Al Bhed Primer XIII on the floor to the left of the pillar.

Al Bhed Primer XIV: Thunder Plains – Rin’s Travel Agency
First up, talk to Rikku inside Rin’s Travel Agency. This will result in Rin appearing, who will ask how your study of the Al Bhed language is going. Answer positively, and he will hand you Al Bhed Primer XIV.

Al Bhed Primer XV: Macalania Woods – Lake Road
After you encounter O’aka at the Save Sphere on Lake Road, check the undergrowth to the right where you will find Al Bhed Primer XV.

Al Bhed Primer XVI: Lake Macalania – Lake Macalania Agency
Al Bhed Primer XVI can be found outside of the Lake Macalania Agency, lying on the ground to the left of O’aka.

Al Bhed Primer XVII: Sanubia Desert – Central
Al Bhed Primer XVII can be found in the area with the Save Sphere. There are empty buildings to your left, and it can be found in the building to the right of the area’s exit.

Al Bhed Primer XVIII: Sanubia Desert – Central
Head north from the same Save Sphere where Al Bhed Primer XVIII can be found near the area’s exit.

Al Bhed Primer XIX: Al Bhed Home – Outside [Missable]
Before you head inside the Al Bhed Home, check the north-western corner near the rubble for Al Bhed Primer XIX.

Al Bhed Primer XX: Al Bhed Home – Living Quarters [Missable]
After you enter the Al Bhed Home, open the first door that you come to on your left. Two Dual Horns and a Guado will attack you, and, once defeated, you can find Al Bhed Primer XX lying on the bed to the right.

Al Bhed Primer XXI: Al Bhed Home – Main Corridor [Missable]
Return to the Main Corridor where it eventually leads in three directions. Choose the right path to the north-east, where you will find Al Bhed Primer XXI lying on the ground in the corner.

Al Bhed Primer XXII: Bevelle Temple[Missable]
Before starting the Cloister of Trials at Bevelle Temple, look for Al Bhed Primer XXII to the right of the staircase.

Al Bhed Primer XXIII: Calm Lands
Al Bhed Primer XXIII can be found in the north-western area of the Calm Lands. It’s near to the Chocobo Trainer, on a small ledge.

Al Bhed Primer XXIV: Remiem Temple
While riding a Chocobo, you can examine a Chocobo Feather to the south-east of the Calm Lands. This will lead you to uncover a passage to Remiem Temple, where Al Bhed Primer XXIV can be found on the ground near to the Save Sphere after you head across the bridge.

Al Bhed Primer XXV: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Head north from the Calm Lands and you will eventually find yourself in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Al Bhed Primer XXV can be found near to the Save Sphere, directly to the left from its location.

Al Bhed Primer XXVI: Omega Ruins
Journey through the Omega Ruins and you will reach an area with four chests that face each other. Al Bhed Primer XXVI can be found against the wall to your left, near to the torch.

Final Fantasy X Al Bhed Primer Rankings

1 Al Bhed Primer – Hujela (Novice)
4 Al Bhed Primers – Pakehhan (Beginner)
7 Al Bhed Primers – Typpman (Dabbler)
10 Al Bhed Primers – Maynhan (Learner)
13 Al Bhed Primers – Cbayghan (Speaker)
16 Al Bhed Primers – Hydeja (Native)
19 Al Bhed Primers – Unydun (Orator)
22 Al Bhed Primers – Medanyde (Literati)
26 Al Bhed Primers – Sycdan (Master)

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