Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Coming To Nintendo Switch On September 3rd

Final Fantasy VIII Remaster Image

Square Enix has confirmed the release date for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on Nintendo Switch.

In Final Fantasy VIII, under the influence of the sorceress Edea the military nation of Galbadia has declared war on the Dukedom of Dollet, who must hire the mercenary force, SeeD.

Squall Leonhart, a new member of SeeD, together with his friends and Rinoa Heartilly, a member of a resistance group, get pulled into the war, unaware of their fated task to save the world.

This remastered version has the following boosts to enhance the experience:

Battle Assist: The ability to always have maxed out HP and ATB, and trigger Limit Breaks at any time.

No Encounters: An enemy encounter option that allows players to enjoy the storyline uninterrupted. While enemy encounters are turned off, players can still enjoy the story’s event battles.

3x Speed Boost: Play through the game with three times the speed.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 3rd.

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