Final Fantasy VII Out On Nintendo Switch Next Month

Final Fantasy VII Key Art

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy VII will release on Nintendo Switch next month, unarguably an iconic RPG that changed the face of gaming when it was first released.

The story starts in Midgar, a city under the mega-conglomerate Shinra Company’s control where the No. 1 Mako Reactor has been blown up by a rebel group called AVALANCHE.

The group was secretly formed to wage a rebellion against Shinra Company, to stop them from absorbing Mako energy and destroying the natural resources of the planet.

You play as Cloud, a former member of Shinra’s elite combat force, SOLDIER, who is involved with the bombing. But, can he, working with AVALANCHE, succeed in protecting the planet?

Final Fantasy VII will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 26th.

Final Fantasy VII Switch Screenshots

Final Fantasy VII Switch Screenshot 1

Final Fantasy VII Switch Screenshot 2

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  1. Seriously ? Why ? They are going to remake it for PS4.. Why not Switch too ? This is PSX version with improvement graphics. Nah, I will pass!

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