Final Fantasy VII Mayor Password: Getting The Floor 63 Keycard

Final Fantasy 7 Mayor's Password Screenshot

Whether you took the stairs or stormed the front entrance, exploring Shinra’s Headquarters in Final Fantasy VII can lead to you bumping into Midgard’s Mayor Domino on the 62nd floor.

Recognizing that you want to access the 63rd, 64th, and 65th floors, he will offer you his keycard if you can guess his password. The problem is that the correct answer is randomized.

You can continue to guess from the list of answers that you can pick from until you discover the correct one, but, if you get it right on your first try, Mayor Domino will throw in the Elemental materia as a bonus reward.

For those that want to work out the correct answer, it lies in the four research libraries that are on the same floor.

After reading the plaque that is outside each research library, you will be told what books to expect in each room. There is one file that has been misplaced from another library, and, collectively, these will read the password.

For example, one misplaced book could be “7 Diminishing Mako energy and Planet movements.” The number is the first clue, indicating that we need to look for the seventh letter in the title – which, for this file, would be “S.”
That means that the four-letter password must contain an S.

After you have worked out what the four letters are, return to Mayor Domino who will present you with six answers to choose from. It’s now time to unravel the word scramble, working out which password matches the four letters that you have uncovered.

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