Final Fantasy Type-0 characters confirmed for Theatrhythm: Curtain Call


Japanese magazine Shonen Jump has shared that Final Fantasy Type-0 protagonists Machina Kunagiri and Rem Tokimiya will appear as new playable characters in Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call.

The rhythm-action game, already confirmed to include more than 200 tracks plucked from the history of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series and a gathered horde of 60 characters, will also see the return of the Quest Medley system – friends being able to share maps with one another. Clear a map, and you’ll see the boss that you will face next time you choose to tackle it.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call will release as a 3DS exclusive in Japan on April 24th, with no word as yet regarding a western release.

[Thanks Anime News Network]

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