Final Fantasy IV Advance Quests Toward Wii U Virtual Console In Japan

final fantasy 4 advance image

Nintendo has revealed which games will see release on the Wii U Virtual Console service in Japan next week.

Courtesy of Square Enix, players can journey as dark knight Cecil as he quests to prevent the world from being destroyed by the sorcerer Golbez in Final Fantasy IV Advance.

Having first seen release on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and was later ported to Game Boy Advance by Tose. It boasted enhanced graphics, tweaks to the soundtrack and a revision to the JRPG’s English translation that restored absent plot details to improve upon how the story flowed.

Or, you can trek through the Fiore region in Pokémon Ranger, which introduced the capture styler device that was required to catch Pokémon. With the region lacking any Pokémon Trainers, with those that live there choosing not to train their Pokémon and to keep them outside of Poké Balls as pets.

It had been developed by HAL Laboratory for Nintendo DS, but was met with a mixed reaction by critics. Even so, it went on to sell more than 2.7 million copies worldwide.

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