Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Website Opens Celebrations

vivi final fantasy 9 image

Next year will mark 30 years since the first Final Fantasy game saw release on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Four Light Warriors were tasked with restoring light to the world’s four elemental orbs, in order to defeat the darkness that stalked the lands. While the series was largely associated with Nintendo platforms early on, that allegiance soon shifted to Sony before becoming a multi-platform property in recent years.

Square Enix has opened a new Final Fantasy 30th anniversary website to commemorate the milestone, with a video looking back on the mainline games in the series.

With Final Fantasy XV and World of Final Fantasy to release in the coming months, it remains unclear as to what the publisher will have planned. The only other project that we are aware of is the episodic Final Fantasy VII Remake, although Square Enix has not provided timeline for release aside from the fact that it will arrive first on PlayStation 4.

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