Final Fantasy 15 Not Coming To Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Logo

Final Fantasy 15 has once again been ruled out for Nintendo Switch, after game director Hajime Tabata revealed that the development team has not even had a chance to test whether the JRPG would run on the console.

Once sharing that he had “high expectations” for Nintendo Switch, Tabata added that the team were particularly interested in developing for it in the future.

“There are no plans, it wouldn’t run,” Tabata explained to DualShockers. “It might run… but we haven’t conducted the proper tests on whether it would run properly on Switch or not, so I cannot say for sure.

“There are no plans for Switch at the moment, but overall, there is interest in the platform among the development team. We do have lots of Nintendo fans inside BD2. Incidentally, I think that Switch would be really cool if it could run Android apps on its portable screen…”

Square Enix has confirmed plans to release Dragon Quest 10, Dragon Quest 11, Dragon Quest Heroes I-II, I Am Setsuna and Project Octopath Traveler on Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy 15 is now available worldwide on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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