Fils-Aime: Gaming community has an “insatiable” appetite

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Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has complained that the gaming community at large has an “insatiable” appetite for news, following criticism regarding the company’s press conference at E3 2012.

“One of the things that, on one hand, I love and, on the other hand, that troubles tremendously about not only our fanbase but the gaming community at large is that, whenever you show information, the perspective is: ‘Thank you, but I want more. Thank you, but give me more.’,” Fils-Aime discussed with Kotaku.

“I mean, it is insatiable. For years this community has been asking, where’s Pikmin? Where’s Pikmin? Where’s Pikmin?’ We give them Pikmin. And then they say: what else?

“For years this community has said: Damn it Reggie, when you launch, you better launch with a Mario game. So we launch with a Mario game, and they say, so, what’s more?

“I have heard people say, you know, you’ve got these fantastic franchises. Beyond what you’re doing in Smash Bros., isn’t there a way to leverage all these franchises? So we create Nintendo Land and they say: Ho-hum. Give me more. It’s an interesting challenge.”

Whilst Nintendo Land was met with a positive reaction by those playing it on the show floor, its announcement lacked conviction during the platform holder’s conference. Yet Fils-Aime believes that it has the potential to rival the success of previous phenomenon, Wii Sports.

“What’s the fan community reaction? Ho-hum, until it sells millions of copies,” he proclaims. “When we showed Wii Fit on stage… go back and read your blogs, what was the reaction? It’s a question of, as a gamer, is this for me and something I can get excited about? And Wii Fit did not get that reaction. And yet it sold 43 million copies around the world. It’s a phenomenon.

“And so I would argue that the gaming community is unable to differentiate between a phenomenon and something that is ho-hum.”

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