Fight To Save Thasys In Prodigy On Nintendo Switch


Forever Entertainment has announced that Prodigy will see release on Nintendo Switch, whisking players to the world of Thasys.

There, most races rely on Mana to survive but the magical energy is growing scarce which has sparked wars for survival that are devastating the land. Humans are rising to save Thasys, prodigies that have become known as the Watchers.

The turn-based tactical RPG was successfully backed on Kickstarter, easily surpassing their funding goal. What’s unclear is that as Prodigy is a toys-to-life game, whether there are plans to support the physical board on Nintendo Switch – seeing as that is how the project portrayed how players will move their characters, with their evolving powers and accomplishments being captured on the figurines.

It is positioned as “a new way to play without any keyboard, mouse or joypad,” players creating a team of Watchers that they will lead to victory against powerful Guardians. Battles see two teams face each other in a classic arena, with characters moving freely on a 3×4 square field – while one side prepares an attack, the other sets their defence or counterattack in an effort to keep the game more dynamic and engaging for both players at the same time.

Prodigy will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on November 23rd.

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