Fight For Your Survival In HeatWave On Nintendo Switch

HeatWave Logo

Perimeter Games has announced that their sandbox survival strategy game HeatWave is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Set in 2080, global warming has led humanity to the brink of collapse having caused unprecedented migration that stirs up internal conflicts. As a result, the United States government decides to abandon Alaska and focus on saving those on their mainland.

The Russian government supported by China chooses to take advantage of this situation, invading Alaska in their search for more hospitable places to live. Determined to repel the invaders, the people of Alaska form guerrilla groups to fight for their land and freedom.

After forming your own guerilla faction, you will plan out your actions in real-time on a macro-scale map. That will see you choose a place to camp, using your crafting skills to make tools and weapons and exploring the local area to trade with other characters and spot hostile units to contend with.

HeatWave will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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