Fight For Survival In Skyhill: Black Mist On Nintendo Switch

Skyhill: Black Mist Screenshot

Klabater and Mandragora Games have announced that Skyhill: Black Mist will release on Nintendo Switch, the sequel to rogue-like RPG Skyhill.

After moving into your luxurious apartment in a large property complex built by Skyhill Inc. – an omnipotent corporation that controls the entire city – your new life unexpectedly becomes a nightmare.

Your daughter is kidnapped, the whole building is overrun with dark monsters, and crazed people are hunting you down. It is believed that a mysterious black mist behind these events, which can change humans into vile creatures.

The bad news is that you have been infected, and must search for medicine to sustain yourself while gathering resources, and crafting new tools and weapons to survive as long as you possibly can.

“We are huge fans of the original Skyhill at Klabater. It’s an explosive mixture of many genres, but also incredibly consistent and polished game,” explains Klabater CEO Michal Gembicki.

“I believe Skyhill: Black Mist is the new opening for the series. I’m very impressed with Mandragora’s team dedication to expand the original formula and enrich the gameplay in comparison to the previous installment. It is truly inspiring to see this new game raising the bar for the whole series.”

Mandragora studio head Eugene Kisterev adds: “With Skyhill: Black Mist we decided to explore survival genre once again. So, it is not just a plain sequel to the original game.

“Sure, it’s all connected through the storyline and the same universe, but the game itself is much more complex and ambitious this time. Real-time gameplay is mixed with a lot of crucial tactical decisions. Black Mist is also the darkest side of Mandragora studio. We had a lot of fun while developing other projects after original Skyhill, but our main strength lies in dark mysteries, moving stories and cruel survival.”

Skyhill: Black Mist will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Fall 2019.

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