Fight For Survival In Pixel Gladiator On Nintendo Switch This Week

Pixel Gladiator Logo

Drageus Games has revealed that Pixel Gladiator will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

After you are sent to an abandoned planet to participate in the galaxy’s most popular Gladiator show, your sole challenge is to survive as long as possible.

That will see you fight back against ferocious beasts in the hopes of emerging victorious from the blood bath, to become a champion of the painful and cruel show.

To succeed, your must use the money that you earn from slaughtering your enemies to buy new weapons and upgrades – using turrets and traps to defend your base from the waves of enemies that attack it.

Pixel Gladiator will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 25th priced at £6.29 ($6.99).

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