Fight For Justice In Zorro The Chronicles: The Game On Nintendo Switch

Zorro The Chronicles: The Game Screenshot

BTC Studios and BKOM Studios have revealed that Zorro The Chronicles: The Game is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Adapted from Cyber Group Studios’ hit animated series Zorro The Chronicles and produced in collaboration with John Gertz’s Zorro Production, the developer has looked to combine “thrilling combat, exciting exploration and immersive experience.”

Set in nineteenth-century Spanish California, you will have the chance to set out on an epic adventure playing as the legendary Zorro or his fearless sister Ines. You must protect innocent townspeople from the evil general and his soldiers while developing your skills to become a master swordsman.

Whether disarming your enemies with a whip, sword, spectacular moves or your humour, you can also deflect their incoming attacks with acrobatic moves and your lightning-quick reflexes before leaving your “Z” mark on them using the tip of your sword.

“Zorro is a brand whose interactive life started long ago with games for the Atari, Nintendo and other platforms,” explains Zorro Productions president John Gertz. “We are very excited to see that the new CG animated series Zorro the Chronicles will now be adapted for the new consoles of the 21st century”.

Groupe PVP vice president and executive producer Francois Trudel adds: “We thank both John Gertz at Zorro Productions Inc. and Pierre Sissmann at Cyber Group Studios to have trusted us with this prestigious IP. We are very excited by the results of Bkom’s development and we look forward working with BTC Studios to market the game around the World and to contribute making Zorro a hero that kids and their parents will continue to adore!”

Zorro The Chronicles: The Game will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Fall 2021.

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