Fight Evil In Witch And Hero 3 On Nintendo 3DS This Week

Witch And Hero 3 Artwork

CIRCLE Entertainment has announced that Witch and Hero 3 will release on Nintendo 3DS this week, an action game where you control the Witch, Hero, and Little Hero at the same time.

While the Hero and Little Hero are strong and will keep fighting no matter how many times they are beaten, the Witch is vulnerable and even weaker in her stone form. If she falls, the game is over.

The Heroes can collect monster’s blood from the enemies that they defeat while they protect the Witch, and, once her magic power is full, she can temporarily cure herself of her stone form and unleash magic upon any nearby enemies. It’s therefore important to use ach character effectively to conquer the game’s campaign.

Witch and Hero 3 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on March 15th, priced at €3.99.

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