FIFA lead producer: Wii U offers “really, really big positives”

fifa 13 david rutter

Whilst EA Sports may have not yet confirmed that FIFA will be headed to Wii U, lead producer David Rutter has expressed that the console is “pretty exciting.”

It had been expected that the publisher would share news regarding their support for the console last week, where the publisher had confirmed they would make Wii U announcements at an EA Sports Open House event.

“It’s pretty exciting actually,” Rutter explained to CVG, asked to his thoughts regarding the system.

“I’ve been talking to a bunch of the guys about the games that they’re working on here, and about what they want to do with Wii U or with SmartGlass and stuff like that.

“And if you look at it from a different perspective, I’m not going to tell you exactly what because it’s kind of competitive advantage, I think there were a few kind of ‘Wow, that’s a pretty cool way of looking at it!’ moments, so that idea of a second screen, I think it has some really, really big positives.”

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