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As everyone is (hopefully) aware, the Nintendo Switch does not get updated FIFA games anymore. Instead, Switch owners that buy FIFA 21, will be playing FIFA 19 in disguise. You see, what we have here is what is called a ‘Legacy Edition’, something which players that didn’t upgrade to a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for a few years after release also had to deal with. Nothing new has been added to these games, with the exception of the updated kits and updated player rosters. Which if you ask me, is not worth the £35-40 price tag slapped on it.

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The difference between the Switch and its more powerful console brethren’s a few years ago was already apparent, but because I had not played any other FIFA games for a while before, the Switch version was a good handheld substitute to the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Fast forward a few years and not only have we had improvements and new modes added to the other versions, but this year also sees a new generation of console receive FIFA too. This only emphasises just how much the Switch version of FIFA is behind now.

As I said in last year’s FIFA 20 Legacy Edition review, the worst part about this whole thing is EA will know people will still buy this. Unsuspecting parents will buy it for their kids and plenty of people will receive it as Christmas presents. The least they should do is make the game half price, but, as I have just mentioned above, EA knows they do not need to.

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Just to be clear, FIFA 21 Legacy Edition on Switch doesn’t feature Volta football, which was added in the other versions last year, all of the new features in Career mode – such as all of the cutscenes – and still doesn’t have the updated engine that FIFA has had for years on PS4 and Xbox One. What you do get is pretty barebones. Single player-wise, you have Kick Off, Ultimate Team and Skill Games.

As it was last year, the one (half) redeeming feature is online play. I have always enjoyed playing FIFA online and that has not changed with FIFA 21 Legacy Edition. I never once found it difficult to find a match and I never once had any connection issues or lag – it all ran perfectly. The mode I played on the most was ‘Seasons’, in which you get 10 games to try and gain promotion to the next league.

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FIFA has so much potential on the Switch, but it seems that this is how it is going to be going forward. FIFA 21 Legacy Edition is still FIFA 19 and while that game is still actually pretty fun, especially online, it is now extremely outdated – and it was outdated two years ago. This game should not be full price.

Version Tested: Nintendo Switch
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