FIFA 19 Scores Nintendo Switch Release With Improved Graphics


Electronic Arts has announced that FIFA 19 will release on Nintendo Switch, and returns to the portable home console with improved graphics.

It has been created with the same custom Ignite engine that was used for FIFA 18, although the developer is still open to using the Frostbite engine .
“I’m not closing the door on that possibility. However we didn’t want to create a dumbed-down version of the Frostbite engine,” producer Andrei Lăzărescu explained to Dream Team.

However, the team has continued to optimise the custom engine in ways that will be noticeable to those that play this year’s iteration.

“The intent was never to have a one-off custom engine that we’re never going to touch again. It was to have that as a baseline and then build from there,” Lăzărescu added.

With face paint and hats in the crowd, he believes that it will “seem better than what you’ve been used in the core version,” which are improvements that you can expect to see more “in the next years.”

FIFA 19 will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2018.

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