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FIFA 18 Update Version 1.0.2 Now Available For Nintendo Switch

Electronic Arts has released a new software update for FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch, seeing the game now on version 1.0.2. This addresses multiple issues across general gameplay, FIFA Ultimate Team, Onl...


FIFA 18 Review

I remember the days when FIFA games came out on Nintendo consoles every single year. It was a foregone conclusion. I still to this day have a number of them on the SNES, N64, and GameCube and it was a...

8 Great

FIFA 18 Glitches Remove Faces And Turn Players Into Giant Stick Men

FIFA 18 was released on Nintendo Switch last week and, while sinking time into the world’s game over the weekend, players have started to encounter unexpected glitches. The first, which YouTube ...


EA Argue FIFA 18 Switch Is Not A “Sh***y, Second-Rate Game”

Ever since EA announced that FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch would be a “custom built” experience, the company has frequently positioned it as “the deepest portable game ever to be introd...


FIFA 18 Will Determine How Much Electronic Arts Will Support Nintendo Switch

Electronic Arts Worldwide Studios executive vice president Patrick Söderlund has revealed his personal ambition to see the company support Nintendo Switch with as much of their game portfolio as possi...


E3 2017: FIFA 18 On Nintendo Switch Seen As A “Foundation” To Build Upon

It sounds like FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is only the start for the world’s game on the portable home console. That has been implied by producer Andrei Lăzărescu, who described the custom built ...


E3 2017: FIFA 18 On Nintendo Switch Has FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode And More

Electronic Arts has revealed the first details about FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch, which promises to deliver an authentic and immersive football experience on the portable home console. Developed by EA ...


“Custom Built” FIFA On Nintendo Switch Playable At E3 2017

Electronic Arts has announced that their “custom built” FIFA game for Nintendo Switch will be playable at E3 2017. It will make an appearance at EA Play 2017, where, across more than 140 h...


“Custom Built” FIFA Experience Coming To Nintendo Switch

Electronic Arts has announced that a “custom built” FIFA experience is in development for Nintendo Switch. The publisher promises that it will be “the most immersive, social, and aut...

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