FIA European Truck Racing Championship Switch Release Delayed Into August

FIA European Truck Racing Championship Screenshot

Bigben and n-Racing have announced that FIA European Truck Racing Championship’s release on Nintendo Switch has suffered a delay.

The official racing simulation of the European Truck Racing Championship, it promises a new experience for racing and trucking simulation fans.

Developed using the KT Engine, you will have the chance to tame an overpowered, 5-tonne monster, racing against 12 trucks on a circuit – facing off in four sprints of 45 km each.

There are special passing techniques, physics, and inertia to get to grips with, as well as special penalties and a reservoir of 200 liters of water you must manage to manually to cool your brakes and avoid overheating.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on August 5th.

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