FAST Racing Neo Vertigo Update Adds Mini Map And Improves Online


Shin’en Multimedia has announced plans to release a software update for FAST Racing Neo this week.

The update, which the German developer has named ‘Vertigo,’ will see their tinkering with the Wii U exclusive result in it to soon be sat at Version 1.1.

This primarily delivers stability improvements and matchmaking choices to the game’s online component, while reducing loading times and adding a mini-map for all tracks.

  • Online: Improved stability
  • Online: You can now choose a preferred speed league
  • Online: Player tags are now shown
  • Online: Player country flags are now shown
  • General: Mini Map for all tracks available while playing
  • General: Improved loading speed for many tracks (especially from external USB devices)

We enjoyed the futuristic racer back, writing in our review back when it launched: “FAST Racing Neo’s futuristic soundscape entrances and the graphical fidelity is sublime, but under the hood it’s clear that this isn’t the perfectly tuned engine that many hoped it would be.

“But, there’s an unbridled thrill in the arcade roots that it looks to emulate, and that accomplishment is more than enough to celebrate.”

[Thanks Nintendo Life]
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